Who we are

Herbal Home Company for Natural Herbs: Herbal Home Company for Natural Herbs was founded in 1967 as a private limited company. the aim of the company is to make use of natural herbs and wild honey with useful features of food and character of the human being and turn it into a medical product and alternatively addresses all the chronic diseases that  modern medicine is unable to treat. In  12.07.1997the ownership of  the company moved to become a Malaysian product distinction and under the supervision and follow-up and management of the expert and researcher Ismail Radi and his  medical team in Malaysia, in collaboration with the German Midhealth laboratories and laboratories LG Malaysian MPV.

Herbal Home is always keen to follow up and continue to pay attention to the cultivation of tens of thousands of fruit and medicinal herbs’ trees in Malaysia so as to ensure the availability and the survival of the life cycle, thus ensuring access to drugs and products rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants through which becomes prescriptions effectively address many diseases incurable and chronic.

There is no doubt that the researcher and co-founder of Herbal Home was able to develop many of the herbal products mixed with wild honey to become not only food items that will benefit any man in general or the patient in particular, it has become in the process of direct treatment of the pathological condition of this product and given medical exact and accurate contents, characteristics and use of each condition separately.

As a matter of fact these products or drugs have successfully helped in the elimination of many chronic diseases, and this vivid testimony was recorded by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and many parts of the world. Some of the most important experiences that contributed to the treated cases are those who suffered from cancer, osteoporosis, respiratory infections and cases of male infertility and other diseases that affect humans.